Rod Stokes started singing at the age of 19, growing up in church and around music his whole life,
he never knew that God would lead him in this direction. No doubt His dedication to the Lord
outshines his talent on any given day. After a few years of singing in several local churches with his
sister Amy, Rod surrendered to the call of ministry, and to the Call God had placed upon his life.
Through much prayer Rod decided that he wanted to start a band and share the gospel to a more
wide spread area. God has surely done just that for the group known as Rod and Staff, with
members Amy Rodgers, Ashley Stokes, Adam Robinson, Merle Taylor, and Chris Rodgers.

The recording of their
first album, self entitled Rod and Staff, took place in Nashville, TN. Their first nationally released
single "I Keep Runnin’" has launched their career to an awesome start and keeps things in fast
forward as they keep touching lives all over the southeast. Thank you so much for stopping by, and
we hope to see you at one of our upcoming services. God Bless

- Rod and Staff

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